AISC Member & Quality Certified for Steel Building Structures, 
Advanced Steel Bridges, and Hydraulic Steel Structures with 
Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsements

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Center bay of fabrication shop.


STS Steel’s capabilities are defined by their people, systems, equipment, and financial resources.


Competent individuals with experience hold every leadership position. STS Steel’s team includes Professional Engineers with licenses in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Employees are drawn to STS Steel by values of integrity, the challenges offered to them in all positions by the complex level of work and the collaborative environment in which all problems are solved. STS Steel people are honest, hard working and thrive on finding solutions to fabrication, erection, and construction challenges. With the formation of an employee stock ownership plan in 2009, STS Steel people are invested in the long-term success of the company.


STS Steel’s quality system is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for buildings (BU) and advanced bridges (ABR) with endorsements for sophisticated coatings (SPE) and fracture critical bridgework (FCE). These certifications are based on a process control program that requires employees to work within carefully monitored systems for performing every phase of the work. This careful attention to detail is the standard at STS Steel and it enables competent employees to perform the most critical work in accordance with a variety of different customer requirements.


In addition to having most of the automated equipment common to today’s leading structural steel fabricators, heavy lifting capacity and high ceilings help to distinguish STS Steel from their competitors. 75-ton and 50-ton bridge cranes in the same high bay give STS Steel the ability to fabricate large towers, trusses and other weldments saving high priced field labor. A separate paint building equipped with two 20-ton cranes provides the capacity for complex coating applications.


In keeping with the prudent nature of the founders, STS Steel has built a financially sound business through saving and reinvestment. STS Steel takes pride in paying its bills promptly and its strong bonding capability.